Are You Infected With Slave Mentality?

This Three-part series explores Slave Mentality, its Origins and an Antidote.


Are You a Carrier or Are You Terminal?

If you suffer from a Slave Mentality, then you have a freedom threatening condition.


Yes, your freedom is at stake.

But I’m free.
I live in a democracy with my rights and the law protects me.
I can go where and do what I want.

Stop working for that piece of paper with pictures and numbers on it for one month.

But everybody does it! That’s the way the system works.

Do you mean everybody on the free-range slave farm?

Slave Mentality is Life-Threatening.

Most die oblivious of the fact they’re infected with Slave Mentality, while others enjoy the journey.

The good news is it’s curable, but the antidote depends on you and that’s the challenge.

Signs of Infection:

    • If you don’t work, you won’t eat.
    • You hate your alarm clock more than the taxman.
    • Your daily commute is more than two hours.
    • You love Fridays, hate Mondays and you live for payday.
    • The days of the month last longer than the money in your pocket.
    • You work extra hours for a promotion that you don’t want.
      You want the increased pay and status, not the extra responsibilities.
    • The harder you try, the harder it gets.
    • You’re addicted to stress relievers which are no longer effective.
    • Your health is deteriorating.
    • You eat highly processed food and frequent fast food outlets.
    • You’re in love with technology and you’ve got the best you can buy.
    • Your smartphone is the first thing you pick up in the morning and the last thing you put down at night.
    • You’ve seen all the latest movies and watch TV for more than three hours a day.
    • You know your favourite soapie character history by heart.
    • You’re an active social media contributor whose virtual friends outnumber real friends.
    • You’re system savvy but the realities of life and the theories of education don’t match.
    • You’re a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen who listens and obeys.
    • You trust those in authority and believe what they say.
    • You vote and avidly follow public opinions.
    • Mainstream media is your only source of information.
    • Your point of view is right, period.

What Are The Symptoms?

It’s a pandemic so the symptoms are hard to spot.

The easiest way to know if you are infected is by the way you’ve been reading this post.

If you’ve been skimming, sent messages, checked your social media, and your mail, or wondered what to eat, then you’re infected.

But. . .

Which is another sign of infection.

You justify your actions with:

  • I don’t have time to read everything
  • My friends are important
  • Work pays the bills

You look for things that agree with your point of view.

'Beware of slave mentality," said Ndwana. 'It is a cunning sickness. We may have it without knowing we have it.'

'How may we diagnose it?'

'That is a good question,' answered Ndwana. 'He who has the mind of a slave accepts the existing order of things as unchanging and unchangeable because his master has told him it is so. He does not question it; still, less does he try to change it.'

(Excerpt from the book Kathie By Dora Taylor)

Is It Contagious?


You were infected by your parents, siblings and peers.

The System Dream (get a solid education, a good job, work hard, get married, have children, own a house, car, luxuries, be successful and happy) ensures that you remain infected and contagious.

What is Slave Mentality and Where Does it Come From?