In our technologically advanced, smartphone-addicted, instant gratification society that is saturated with information, fake news and shoddy journalism, it’s almost impossible to remain calm, collected and circumspect.

Media houses fight to get the news into the digital market first, whether it’s true or false.

Your brain was never made to process the amount of information that floods your social media, emails and news channel on a minute by minute basis.

This obsession with information and popularity has distracted humankind to the point where they can no longer distinguish between reality and fantasy.

Is your inbox overflowing with vital information that you really need or is it unsolicited junk mail?

How many times have you quickly checked your social media only to wake up out of your reverie an hour later not knowing what you did or how you got there?

How often have you been caught out by fake news?
Did you forward or share information without checking the source or verifying authenticity?

It’s not your fault.

My 40-year career in the Security/Safety Industry made me acutely aware of behaviours, cultures and body language.

Nothing was taken at face value with questioning and evidence the key to conducting investigations and determining the incident’s root cause. The reasons and excuses people gave, especially those who had been caught, were fascinating.

The Internet has given me access to countless libraries of information allowing me to do the things I enjoy namely; questioning, researching and writing.

Social engineers know all your triggers and the threads that control your life. They know exactly which strings to pull and how hard to pull them.

You believe that you’re a free agent doing the things that you want to do however, reality can be quite different.

Pull Your Own Strings looks at this phenomenon in more detail.
It explores the origins of why you do the things that you do, how some of these strings have been hijacked and offers simple practical steps to take back control of your life.

One of the worst feelings is finding out that you have been conned.

That crunch deep inside as you realize that the dream you’re chasing is a lie, the game is rigged and the players are cheating.

To cap it all, you knew there was something wrong but you ignored your instincts.

If that is the case then why would you continue playing in a rigged game where you have no chance of winning?

You have two choices.

You can either quit playing, or you can spin the wheel in the hope that you might win one day.

For Those Who Want To Quit.

Be warned: getting out is easy, staying out is hard.

The path ahead is not for the faint-hearted, double-minded or deserters. Very few people get past the first hurdle.


98% of the people you associate with – family, friends and colleagues – are still playing the game and believe that they’ll win.

Not only that, you are your own worst enemy as you question your beliefs, expose indoctrination and run up against your cognitive dissonance.

The easiest way forward is to read articles on Pull Your Own Strings for more insight, research the references and get a feel for the journey ahead.

The subscription option on the home page will remind you of your quest, give you access to the forthcoming ebook series Removing The Camouflage and reignite your thinking as you prepare yourself for your adventure.

It has and always will be your choice.

Make yourself sheep and the wolves will eat you.
Benjamin Franklin