King Solomon on Slave Mentality

I was still working my way out of the mental minefield from my last conversation with King Solomon.

He’d stated that mankind was created to rule and reign as kings and never as slaves.

This was obviously a question of mental attitude.

How often do you think of failure and defeat when you’re faced with some problem or adverse circumstances?
I find that my mind quickly turns into what-if mode but it focuses on the negatives.
Surely it takes the same amount of energy to focus on positive outcomes?

Your thoughts are your responsibility.
They’re the only things you have absolute control over.
If your thoughts have been influenced by your culture and circumstances, then they control what you believe.

Contrasts between a King and a slave.

      1. A king is born a king and destined for the throne.
      2. He is expected to rule and judge his subjects.
      3. He doesn’t need to work as wealth is part of his inheritance.
      4. He is well educated, well-spoken, well dressed and well-travelled.
      5. His word is the rule.
      6. Others work for him.

A slave on the other hand is:

      1. Born a slave or forced to become a slave.
      2. Expected to work without complaint.
      3. Has no rights or recourse to justice.
      4. Punished for failing to work to standard or at the whim of the slave master.
      5. Poverty-stricken and illiterate.
      6. His word means nothing.
      7. Others rule him.

Signs of slave mentality.

      • A slave mentality is one of feeling inferior or of feeling lost without hope.
      • A feeling that you do not have the power to alter your own circumstances.
      • A feeling of being downtrodden.
      • A feeling of no consequence or importance in anyone’s eyes.
      • Believing that others are superior and have all the answers.
      • A belief that destiny or fate has ordained your life and you cannot change it.
      • You allow yourself to be trapped in emotionally, financially, or physically restricting situations.
      • You don’t strive for anything better in your life.
      • You just accept what life hands you instead of taking charge of your future.
      • You’re complacent.

A close look at the above reveals that a slave mentality is based upon feelings and attitude.

Basically, it’s a state of mind that is based on what you believe and your beliefs are based upon your circumstances and culture.

Your thoughts:
– become your words
– which become your actions
– which become your habits
– which becomes your character
– which forms your destiny.

Are you infected with a slave mentality?

Are you tortured with fear, distrust and envy?

Do you suffer from stinking thinking or do you have an attitude of gratitude?

If so then it’s time to take charge of your life by mastering your thoughts and becoming the director of your life.

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

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