Blogger Blues aka Technology Turns Traitor.

Your life has been made so much easier with technology or has it?

It was supposed to have been a simple break to visit family and friends. You can write anywhere, can’t you?
I mean the net is worldwide and if you can connect then location doesn’t matter.
However, being on first name terms with Murphy, I took certain precautions.

First of all, you don’t take things for granted in Africa because reality is different from what’s advertised.
I checked that my service provider had coverage where I was going and I took a backup system in case Murphy had other plans.

My computer had picked up a bad habit of showing me a blue screen, telling me it didn’t like certain pieces of hardware like my mouse and my mobile phone.
This set my alarm bells ringing.
Little changed; despite diligently searching for solutions from the manufacturer and the net.

I strongly suspected that Murphy was involved and I took the necessary precautions of routine maintenance and backups.

I arrived at my destination to find there was no coverage.
No problem, I was prepared – only to find Murphy’s hidden hand.
My mobile’s USB cable was nowhere to be found. I’d packed the wrong cable.
In Africa, you must always be prepared to make a plan so I wasn’t too bothered although a bit frustrated.

The following day I went to three different suppliers who all told me the same story – no stock.
My frustration levels began to rise when they said their new orders would arrive within a few days. I wasn’t impressed.

I went to another supplier and found the cable I was looking for, but the price made me wonder if they’d made it out of gold or some other precious metal.
As I walked through the mall, a thought struck me. Why not use Bluetooth?

I’m a farm boy when it comes to understanding the intimate life of a computer, but I can work out a few of the basic problems.
I’d never used Bluetooth before to connect to the net but it was worth a try.

Full of newfound hope, I tried out my idea but once again discovered the hidden hand.
No matter what I tried, my computer refused to acknowledge that Bluetooth existed. I knew it was lying because I’d used it before.

I tried the usual routines of clearing out the cache and the registry but nothing happened. I then made the fatal mistake of listening to the on-screen instructions and rebooting.
My computer went on strike and insulted me continuously with blue screens filled with jargon that I never knew existed.

Suffice it to say, I spent a number of hours resurrecting my machine which time could’ve been used far more profitably.

I am convinced that computers and technology were designed to encourage man to accept there are hidden forces at work in the universe.
I’ve even heard a few non-believers pray when their computers have crashed.

Points to ponder.

    • Why isn’t technology designed to be compatible?
    • Why is the hardware so different?
      Is it to make the product unique or to make you buy more accessories?
    • Why is software not universal so that all systems can operate together?
    • How many hours have you wasted due to technology failure or because of the above?
    • What steps would you take to prevent a scenario like the above from happening again?

It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.
Clive James

4 thoughts on “Blogger Blues aka Technology Turns Traitor.”

  1. Hi Andre! I hear you. I haven’t quite experienced your scenario yet but I had my own technology drama this past week when out of the blue my two last posts didn’t allow comments. People emailed me that they couldn’t see the comments section. I finally found out that it was an Internet Explorer issue (I use Firefox so I hadn’t noticed the problem). It took me a while to figure it out and hopefully fix it.

    Yes, technology sometimes can be time consuming and frustrating.

    Thanks for this interesting post. Loving blessings!

  2. Hi Andrea.
    I find that the more we rely on technology the more dependent we become on it.
    The question to ask is whether it is helping or hurting you.
    I see some folk are addicted to forums and social networking to the degree that it has taken over their lives.
    I suggest that this is another subtle form of time killing and procrastination.

  3. Like with everything in life there are choices to be made. Are you ruling or is it ruling you. Do you become irritated and irrational when interrupted from an activity. Does it take away from your relationship with your close family members or your faith. These are questions that need to be asked.

  4. Hi Penny
    Yes very much so. Technology is there to help us but we spend so much time fixing glitches and then of course you get the deluxe disrupters who breed viruses which infect computers and our lives.

    I often think life would be so much easier if we didn’t have the power of choice.

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