Who Designed the System?

Our function as human beings should be to enjoy life and all its wonders.
Your life is a precious commodity that cannot be replaced.
You only live once.
Yet you spend your days following set routines without question of why you do it or the end result.

Most of us are in survival mode.

Living means enjoyment, experiencing, and being.
Survival is living through hardship and adversity.
We are stuck in the rat race that we learned from our parents, our peers and society unless you were born with a silver spoon.

Our lives are a daily routine of what we have been taught and how we are expected to live.
We’re happy to receive a salary that just pays the bills.
Although we expect more it is a fantasy.

We do just enough work so we don’t get fired and the company pays us just enough so we do not leave.
We follow the maxim; work to live and live to work.
Sound familiar?

The rat race and the daily groove.

The old familiar groove – work, eat, sleep, payday and broke.
The salary you earn does not cover the days in the month.
My friend used to say; Payday is fine, it is the 30 days that follow it that are a problem.

The groove becomes a rut; the rut gets deeper and becomes the grave.
You’re taught to work hard for your money so that you can retire and enjoy life.

Money is a terrible boss. We should rather be taught how to make it work for us.

Worn out after 60 years?

By the time you reach the golden years, most of your gold is worthless due to inflation or some other disaster.

Many elderly folks are working when they should be enjoying their retirement.
Some of them live in poor conditions and wonder what their future holds.

Insurance companies say only 3% of the population can afford to retire.
The rest either have to work to supplement their income or rely upon the government to support them.

An utter waste of time.

For 60 years you dreamed of retirement to do what you want but when you finally reach your goal you can’t afford it.
The other dilemma is if you can afford to retire, your stress wrecked health does not allow you to enjoy it.

How many have diligently followed the system but died before they could taste the fruit of their labour?
Do the math and you will see it was a futile effort that you cannot reverse.
Your paydays ran out.

The system as I see it;

    • Learn the basics in childhood i.e. speech, social interaction with family, and human abilities.
    • Education i.e. reading, writing, social skills, and basic system training.
    • Higher Education i.e. abstract thinking, reasoning, questioning, and advanced system training.
    • Find employment to repay all the education loans.
    • Raise a family. Huge costs involved here i.e. house, car etc.
    • Resume the system cycle with your offspring.
    • Work harder to pay off your debts i.e. mortgage, car, luxuries.
    • Retire whether you can afford it or not.

Is this the dream you have been sold?
Or is this the nightmare you can’t wake up from?

What if?

    • What if you’re disabled? Are you able to fit into the system?
      Yes but with difficulty.
    • What if you are uneducated?
      You can sell your services as a labourer or fill a middling position.
    • What if you do not have a degree?
      You supervise those who are labourers.
    • What if you don’t work harder?
      You live on barely get along street without any luxuries.
    • What if you are self-sufficient?
      You worry about who is going to steal your money.

Where to from here?

The first step is to decide whether you accept the dream that is on offer.
If not, then take up the challenge to make changes.
You need to acknowledge there’s a problem before you can fix it.
After all, it’s your life.

Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, nor to find and discourse, but to weigh and consider.
Sir Francis Bacon.

Updated: May 2022

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