It’s Alive

AliveA big word of thanks to all the my regular readers.

I have not posted anything for some time now but there has been reader activity every day.

My thoughts have not strayed far from the blog’s core theme. I read daily about the puppet masters and their constant jockeying for ownership of your life strings.

I believe the MSM (main stream media) is very selective in their reporting of what they want you to believe.
It is very difficult to know who to believe and whether what they say is a fact or the truth.
As any policeman will tell you, witness statements about the same crime scene will differ vastly according to witness perceptions and beliefs.

The question in my mind is always why the article has been reported and what is the hidden agenda.

Keep asking the questions so that you can pull your own strings.

If you choose not to, those strings could become the rope that tethers or hangs you.

Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers. Voltaire




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