The Key to a Powerful Mind

My last two posts looked at some of the things that might show up as cracks in your mental foundations.

Hopefully, this will have inspired and motivated you but it could have depressed you as well.
There is no need to feel depressed or that you’ve built your mental foundations on error.

I’d rather have gone through life knowing what was wrong than having come to the end to find out you really didn’t know there was something wrong that you could’ve fixed.

In our day and age, things are changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up with the information available to us never mind applying it to our lives.

Many of the things that I was brought up to believe in, such as the sanctity of marriage, and being a lawful citizen amongst others, have been tested and changed as society hurtles down the path of progress. The question I often ask is whether society is progressing or whether we’re on the road to destruction?

The conquest for your mind.
Your mind is the one commodity that you exclusively own.
No one can tell you what to think or how to think.
They may imprison your body and try to rehabilitate your mind but it rarely succeeds.
Otherwise, most rehab programs would work.

The question is whether you are happy with your life at the moment.

    • Have the storms of life cracked your foundations?
    • When did you last check them?
    • Are the cracks getting worse?

If you’ve identified cracks then you need to decide what you’re going to do.
Are you going to leave, repair or rebuild them?

Often a quick assessment and plan of action are all you need to repair your inner core but you leave it because you’re too busy or it’s not that bad.

A lintel was knocked out of a wall at work some time ago.
The archway stood solid for a long time and was never repaired.
There was no need.

In the last month, the cracks have widened with the wall sagging in the middle.
It’s a matter of time before the archway collapses.
People use the archway daily yet nobody sees the danger because they are used to it.

Are you the same?
Have your foundations taken a serious knock?
Have you decided it’s ok, you can live with it?

Make Time to Inspect.

    • Are you building new relationships, making financial or life decisions, following new challenges or just wondering where life is taking you?
    • Have your values and beliefs changed?

Take time to inspect your mental foundations and core life beliefs.
If you build on weak foundations, a collapse is inevitable.

One of the foundation stones for a strong mind is honesty.
The easiest person in the world to deceive is yourself.

We all feel the same when we’ve been conned.
A feeling of outrage, anger and disbelief that someone could pull the wool over our eyes.
Yet we quite happily con ourselves into believing that our foundations are secure when we know deep down inside that they are not.

Have you built your mental foundations on what others believe?
Have you based your opinions on teachings that you accepted without question?
Does your past dictate the way you live and treat others?

Be brutally honest with yourself as you inspect your inner life.

If your conscience bothers you then you know it’s time to repair or rebuild.

The hardest tumble a man can make is to fall over his own bluff.
~Ambrose Bierce

7 thoughts on “The Key to a Powerful Mind”

  1. Good posting. My mind is thankfully still pretty strong. Introspection and new application (if needed) are always the best ways to move forward. Garbage in, garbage out. Keep that which is useful and works.

  2. This is a very thought provoking article in as much as it impelled me to evaluate my current life status. I may not have a stellar kind of life but from where I am standing I should be happy and contented but like it should be we should always be on the road to progression, learning something everyday, and just never stop learning.

  3. I haven’t seen you commenting on my blog in a while, so I decided to stop by and see how you’re blog is doing. I’m glad to see it is as compelling as ever. Mine is getting more popular, so I hope that means it’s getting better.

    This is a great post — as you’re usually are.


  4. Hi Gip, Thanks for stopping by. Been out the commenting thing for a while.
    Glad to hear your blog is getting more popular. Takes a long time to gather momentum but once it does then it’s hard to stop.
    Stay well.

  5. Too many times we assimilate so much garbage that we can only let garbage out. Our society has become information based but how much of it is useful information and how do you purge yourself from the junk?

  6. The question I often ask is whether society is progressing on whether we on the road to destruction?
    I was curious about this question you posed. I agree that everything is moving so quickly, especially with social networking, however, I wanted to read more about your thoughts on the above question.

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for the comment and question.
    It is true that we are progressing in research, new technology and all things that are supposed to make our lives easier, but the question I ask is at what cost? Have we now got more free time? Are our lives enriched? Do we have less suffering and disease or have we sacrificed a more stable way of living?
    Revolutions are started and supported by social networks – unheard of 10 years ago.
    I looked at this question a little in my post Technology; Crutch or charm.
    Hope it helps answer your question.

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