Have Your Mental Foundations Cracked?

My last post looked at weak foundations which could result in your mind collapsing.

Most of the time a building looks solid until it’s placed under some form of external stress and then all of its weaknesses are revealed.

You are very similar. If you have cracked foundations, your mind will fail as the mounting pressure breaks down your facade.

Talkativeness is a sign of a weak foundation.
Place any person under stress and listen. Their mouth will reveal the state of their foundations. A fool has no control of their mouth whilst a wise person keeps their tongue under control in all situations and circumstances.

This is a very difficult thing to do when emotions run high and feelings of injustice reign.
Make a decision for a day to keep your mouth closed.
Open your ears instead and really listen to what people around you say.
You’ll be amazed at how much death dominates the conversations.
The power of words is heavily underrated.

Being faint and weary in your mind is another sign of a cracked foundation.
Do you faint in your mind when you are faced with situations that keep bombarding you?

Do you get weary from having to face circumstances and problems that seem to have no end or answers?

If so then your foundations are cracking.

I’ve noticed that people seem to be under more pressure than ever to perform and survive in these turbulent times. The news is filled with scenes of devastation as floods wreak havoc, weird weather patterns disturb our plans and rioters voice their discontent at systems that they have accepted for decades.

There is never any good news about the economic melt downs we face other than a few crumbs thrown down to placate us. Food prices soar, energy costs become inhibitive and the state of our continued existence on planet Earth is questioned.

It’s imperative that we have strong minds so that we can survive unless, of course, you choose to follow the easy path of slave/circumstance mentality.

A result of a lot of the above is confusion.
This is another give away sign of weak foundations.

You often wonder what is happening to the world around you. You cannot make sense of the news or the worsening crisis of global warming, economies crashing and the general lawlessness that has crept into society. Morals, values and standards seem to degrade with stories of atrocities against mankind filling the headlines.

The critics do not agree and there are conflicting reports everywhere. Conspiracy theories abound. Wiki leaks expose all sorts of underhand doings and life has become very complicated.

No wonder we are confused. This creates a sense of defeat and hopelessness which adds to the decision dilemma. This causes you to be unstable; which is another mark of a weak foundation.

Instability or double minded.
Circumstances, situations and the information overload cause huge pressures in your thought life. When this happens, decisions become hard to make and you bob like a cork on the ocean of indecision.
Sitting on the fence becomes a great option but it weakens your position.
You say one thing and do the complete opposite.
You seek answers from any source and the esoteric becomes an option as well.

The only people who benefit from this state of affairs are the mental practitioners who too are looking for answers. They set a number of options before you but you still have to make the decision about which direction you’re going to go.

Once you’re confused, unstable and double minded then misdirection follows. This is the last sign of a weak and cracked foundation.
You often wonder whether you made the right choices especially when you get older. The eternal ‘what if’ and ‘yes but’ plague your thoughts when things don’t work out the way you planned.

Are you where you dreamed you would be when you were young, full of life and optimistic?

Do you often wish that things could have been different?

The good news is that you can always repair your foundations or if your mental fortress is in ruins, you can build another one. Do not despair or get discouraged if you believe you have built your mind on weak foundations. At least you know what is wrong and you can rebuild.

It’s not how many times you’ve been knocked down that counts, it’s how many times you’ve got up to fight again.

I’ll look at the marks of a proper foundation in another post.

When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.
Tuli Kupferberg

3 thoughts on “Have Your Mental Foundations Cracked?”

  1. What a good reflection you’ve brought out on me. I’m not sure if my mental foundation is cracked but I think by the sound of this sentence it could be. It’s good when someone points your weakness that you might have been ignoring all this time. They make you get aware of that area that needs improvement.

  2. Hi Andre! I had a red flag come up right at the beginning or your post when you said that “Talkativeness is a sign of a weak foundation”. I tend to be talkative and I was thought I was communicative but it could be a weak foundation instead. I have tried the exercise of being silent for a day and silent retreats and I totally agree that it’s a revealing experience. That’s when I would notice that most of the stuff I say is actually unnecessary. I try to live by the following rules before I open my mouth: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? The last question is the toughest one for me because most of what we say is not necessary, it’s just conversation. I’m still working on this last this.
    Thanks for this wonderful reminder. Loving blessings!

  3. Hi Andrea. The tongue is a wonderful thing that can get us into a whole lot of hot water if we let it. So many of us have tongues that are wild and unruly. We often justify the use of it with “it’s just conversation”.
    By your words you will be justified or you will be condemned.
    Keep on posting.

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