HQ Raided. Classified Agenda Discovered.

An international theft syndicate has been uncovered by Detective Kronos of the Time Crimes Unit since our last interview.
He kindly allowed me a few minutes of his time as he covered the details of the raid.

Our investigation into serial time killers gave us a worthwhile lead, he said.
One killer admitted that he’d procrastinated all his life which gave him so much time, he had no option but kill it. He named Procrastination Inc as the cause of his problems.

We’ve always suspected they were involved with time theft.
The kingpin of the operation Pro Crastinus, a foreign national, was taken in for questioning. We interrogated him but his reputation kept him from confessing any involvement. His lawyer from Squander & Sons insisted we charge or release him which we did as there was no evidence linked to him.
It was not entirely fruitless as we discovered some revealing documentation, as well as the Procrastinators’ Creed.

The people he employed had no idea of his secret agenda. They used technology to do his dirty work.
Crastinus manipulated two universal human traits namely boredom and laziness. He targeted the workplace as most people work for mammon to gain time. The Thought Police are looking into this link between Mammon and Procrastination. However, his devious plan did not stop there.

What was his modus operandi, I asked.

He hijacked the purpose of technology which was to make our lives easier and save time. The ingenious part of his plan was the disguise he used. People everywhere are familiar with computers and the internet. Take a computer for example. Its primary function is to help with work related processes like documentation, accounts, spreadsheets and the like. A simple machine has combined all these functions that does all of this and more. Mail is a click away to anywhere in the world.
These functions are good if they’re used the right way. But this is where his insidious agenda crept in.
People were entrapped by technology with the vice of boredom. Instead of working, they wasted their time using attractive programs designed to be addictive.

What did he gain out of this syndicate?

The baffling aspect of this crime is that he makes no money from it, Kronos said.
This was very puzzling but after interviewing the suspect, the true purpose of his mission became apparent.
He’s always been known as the thief of time but with the advent of technology and the population explosion, his greed knew no bounds. Network and multi level marketing schemes became his obsession. This allowed him to steal time on an international level 24 hours a day using people to do it. It was so successful that he expanded his operation into homes with TV, satellite TV and gaming.
It’s a perfect plan. People steal time for him with no trace back to him.

But what did he gain from it?

This is where his true motivation becomes clear. He gains control over you and steals your life!

Are you committing suicide?

What could you have done with all the time you have wasted?

Are you a serial procrastinator?

Procrastination has been called a thief – the thief of time. I wish it were no worse than a thief. It is a murderer; and that which it kills is not time merely, but the immortal soul.
William Nevins

6 thoughts on “HQ Raided. Classified Agenda Discovered.”

  1. Andre, very creative way of getting your message across about procrastination.

    I often look back on my life and wonder what more I could have down if had just got on with it. With me it has been a fear of succeeding – and letting my light shine.

    It’s high time to for all of us to let go of our fears and get on with the key things we were meant to be doing.

  2. no doubt you have now hit the mark
    i am sure that should you proceed with Det Kronos as your platform the sky is the limit
    start publishing
    i for one am an easy procrastinator
    i find it easy to just do nothing although i must admit that boredom comes swiftly
    nothing like the truth my friend

  3. Thanks Arvind.
    Amazing how a fear of success can get in our way. Most of us fear failure and rejection so why subject yourself to the pain if you can procrastinate it away.

  4. Hi Pieter. Glad you like the format. Been a bit of a thumb suck to get it right but it kills two birds with one stone. I get to write a fantasy/thriller and get a point across at the same time.
    I think I will delve into the files of the Thought Police and see what comes out of that.

  5. Hilarious post on procrastination. I’m usually not a procrastinator by nature by I’ve been known to commit this crime. I can definitely see ways to improve the use of my time so there is no more time killing.

    I’ll try an awareness exercise today: I’ll notice whether any of my activities are related to procrastination or killing time.

    Thanks for the reminder and for helping me be more mindful of how I use my time. Loving blessings!

  6. Thanks Andrea.
    We all procrastinate but some are so good at it that it ruins their lives.
    Why waste the time you have? We are all time millionaires until our lives are spent.

    Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot fun until you get the bill. ~ Christopher Parker

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