Do You Procrastinate?

You may wish to read this tomorrow or when you have more free time.

We all procrastinate as it’s a part of human nature.
If you have a choice between pain and pleasure which one do you choose?
Pleasure of course – unless you are a masochist.

What is procrastination?
Basically, it’s putting off doing something important.

Is procrastination a bad thing?
Not unless it stops you from functioning normally.

Why do you procrastinate?
The experts tell us that it is a coping mechanism to help us deal with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision.
That is quite a mouthful but the words coping and anxiety appear to be the core of the statement.
If you’re anxious about something then it brings up stress and negative emotions. The old what if question pops into your mind and you then trail off on a number of possibilities. The next thing you wonder if the decision is the right one. Most of us do not like to move out of comfort zones and so we delay the decision.

Work is something we all do when we would rather be doing something else.If you have a task before you then unless you complete it right away, it lands in the procrastination basket, where it stays until the last minute.

What are some signs of Procrastination?

  • you’re reluctant to take risks or try something new
  • you stay at home or in the same old job
  • you get sick when faced with an unpleasant job
  • you avoid confrontations or decisions
  • you blame others or the situation for your unhappiness or to avoid doing something
  • you make big plans but never carry them out
  • you’re so busy socially/recreationally that no important work gets done.

Are you a chronic procrastinator?

Take the Procrastination Test to check your status.

To be always intending to make a new and better life but never find time to set about it is as…to put off eating and drinking and sleeping from one day to next until you’re dead.
Og Mandino.

2 thoughts on “Do You Procrastinate?”

  1. what happened to det kronos?
    i scored what i thought i would
    i always or rather most often immediately attack the task at hand
    a bit of a workaholic most of the time

  2. Hi Pieter.
    He still around, busy with the investigation into Pro Crastinus and Mammon. He asked for help in identifying potential chronic procrastinators before they commit a time crime. I put in the survey to get an idea of how many non medicated chronics are loose.
    I am doing an interview with Pro Crastinus who wants to set the record straight. He thinks I am unfairly painting him with a tar brush and wants to avoid any feathers. He doesn’t like trial by media!
    He actually called me a chicken for not giving his side of the story. Can you believe it?

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