You Control Your Destiny Part 1

Surely thats not possible?

Your objections range from:

    • Your destiny is in the stars.
    • The gods decide your destiny.
    • It’s your portion in life.
    • Whatever will be, will be.
    • Your past life affects your fate.
    • You never know when you’ll die.

Hollywood and the Gaming Industry promote these beliefs.
You, in turn, accept this thanks to your repeated exposure to them.

If you believe the above arguments, then you’re saying that something is controlling your life and your destiny

My previous posts, Circumstance, System or Choice and Can You Control Circumstances, briefly look at this issue.

WebPro defines Destiny as:

      1. An event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future
      2. The ultimate agency regarded as predetermining the course of events (often personified as a woman)
      3. Your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you)

The word ‘inevitably’ derives from inevitable which means unable to avoid or prevent.

Destiny means your life path or events are set, and you cannot change them.

If that’s the case, then you’re a puppet who is controlled by the strings of destiny.

It also means that whatever you do to change your future is futile, as your path is already mapped out.
Any detours you take will lead you back to your Final Destination.

This film is an excellent portrayal of how people tried to change their destinies.

If the above is true, then I have two questions.

      1. Who or what decides your destiny?
      2. How do you know what your destiny is?

To believe in destiny is to take your whole life and place it in the hands of something that you don’t know.

      • It’s your life so surely you should have some say in it?
      • To what grand design has destiny fashioned your life and to what end?
      • Why are some born with a silver spoon and others with the stick of poverty?
      • Is this destiny working for me or against me?

People always function better if they know what their goal is.
Any production line will fail if they don’t have set targets.

You’ll never arrive at your destination if you don’t know where you’re going. Surely, it’s in your best interests to know what your destiny is so that you don’t waste your life seeking something that will never happen?

I cannot accept that I’ve no control over what happens to me.
To pass this off to some unseen blueprint that was created before I was born is an exercise in insanity.
It makes you into a puppet hanging on the strings of fate, pulled by an unseen master, acting out a script that you’ll never read.

Do you believe that destiny controls your life?

Our destiny changes with our thought; we shall become what we wish to become, do what we wish to do when our habitual thought corresponds with our desire.
Orison Swett Marden

You Control Your Destiny Part 2

Updated: April 2022

7 thoughts on “You Control Your Destiny Part 1”

  1. Hi Andre,
    I don’t believe in destiny controlling my fate. I do believe that we are creating our reality each day with every action we take so that in and of itself is creating our future.

    All we have to do to change the future is change what we’re doing today.

  2. Hi Angela,
    What you say is exactly right. Our thoughts, words and deeds create our present reality and our future.
    What you did yesterday results in today’s circumstances and what you do today will affect your tomorrow.

  3. destiny could be the end result of a ‘string’ of consequences which on their own again could be the end result of a ‘string’ of circumstances
    surely circumstances not induced by me ie death/retrenchment/inheritance could lead to a consequence which could determine a destiny that i either did not seek or plan for
    i am a bit fatalistic about these ‘rudders’ in life and although the reverse is true whereby due to a decision i make i create a circumstance that then leads to a consequence and a destiny where destiny for me is the end result of all if seen at its conclusion
    destiny certainly does not control my life but circumstances do

  4. Must agree with you Pieter.
    Circumstances, consequences and destiny all linked together. Similar to playing the lotto and winning. You would not win if you do not play and life is very different if you do win. It was a result of a decision you made whether to play or not. Was it destiny or luck that decided you would win?

  5. has to be luck
    if destiny we are back to not being in control of our lives no matter what we do
    this implies what you suggested before
    our lives are mapped out prior to starting the ‘journey’
    this i cannot believe
    the dice will roll to the mark it stops on
    it is called fate/luck/chance
    the decision i took to play was not influenced by destiny but by either my pocket or perception of chance to win
    should i have been prevented from playing through circumstances then i would have had no chance at all
    again the circumstances could have been outside my control
    again i am influenced by my own decisions within circumstances both in and outside my control
    which again leads to a circumstance that will lead to a consequence
    you can possibly influence your destiny but not arrive at the destiny you planned without any deviations due to luck and circumstances and resulting consequences
    i am sure everyone would love to dream of a destiny that they believe will be the solution to all their current problems
    is this not a bit of a fairy tale?

  6. The backbone of mankind has been to dream and hope.
    As you say, you can plan a destiny for yourself and family but whether you get there is another thing.
    Sometimes the destiny we believe to be ideal is more deadly than the life we currently live.
    All of us dream of having a lifestyle that supports our family, children that grow up independent and wise and enough finance or means so that we can grow old gracefully.
    The question remains whether we can control our circumstances?
    I believe that circumstances are a result of the thoughts we think and the choices we make.

  7. hi angela and admin
    i think that destiny is your mind what ever u think
    you exactly follow that and it keeps u from every that kinds
    of bad actions and tell u the good way

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