Toxic Thought Syndrome

Everywhere I look today whether it be on the news TV or in the media, the trend is about the environment.

Talk about climate change, pollution and global warming fill our conversations as people wring their hands and worry about what to do and who to blame.

New taxes are imposed to pay for our sins and assuage the guilt. Jargon like carbon footprint, going green pepper advertising and newspeak.

Hollywood has joined the band wagon with thrillers that show the cataclysmic end of the world because of man fiddling whilst planet earth suffocates.

Man has been polluting and abusing his environment for centuries and is finally waking up to the fact that we are responsible. But once again mankind looks at the external as the cause of the problem when our focus should be internal.

If it were not for greed, selfishness and the want of a life without work/pain, would we be in this predicament?

There is a very old saying, reported to be the secret of the ages:

As within, so without.

If one considers the above saying then I believe it is true.
If mankind is filled with toxic thoughts, then his environment is a reflection of that which is within.

Human beings have from the beginning of time blamed someone else for their failures.
This is evident in the Bible which in the first few chapters already shows man’s trends. It started in Eden when Adam blamed Eve who in turn blamed the serpent.

Watch any TV program, especially in the reality vein, and see who blames who.
Look at children when something goes wrong and the blame game miraculously appears.
Were they taught this or is it an inherited thing?

In reality, you are to blame for your life and your failures.
We are quick to pass the blame for any failure but just as quick to take the credit for any success.

The average human being thinks over 40 000 thoughts a day.
That is a staggering amount of time and energy spent on the only process that you alone have full and complete control of.

Governments, ideologies, religions and people try to tell you what or how to think but you alone have the freedom of choice to decide what you want to think about.

Take those thoughts you think about every waking moment and allocate a percentage to them according to categories.

The most basic category would be positive or negative thoughts.
If the majority of your thoughts are in one category then take a look at your external environment.

    • Is your environment a reflection of your dominant thought life?
    • Is your thought life an uncontrolled wild feast of random images?
    • Is fear at the foundation of what you think?

Research has shown that fear alone activates more than 1400 physical and chemical responses as well as 30 different hormones.

What kind of shock do you put your system through daily if your thoughts are consistently fear-based?

Imagine the amount of toxic waste that a fear-based thought life produces.
No wonder we get sick both physically and mentally.

This is consistent with two sayings;
As a man thinks in his heart, so is he, and;
The thought is the father to the deed.

Your close environment/relationship/life is an accurate reflection of your thought life.
Your environment and thought life become a closed loop, feeding off each other to create what you actively think about.
This creates a ripple effect and the decay in society’s values and morals have resulted in the chaos we see around us.

Surely you should rather consider your thought life before you consider your environment?

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.
James Allen

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