Circumstance, System or Choice?

I read a book by Philip Jose Farmer called To Your Scattered Bodies Go.

It was an excellent sci-fi story about the human race waking up on resurrection day, hairless and naked. This book stuck in my thoughts and I often wondered whether we were living our lives according to a previously made template or whether we made our own fate.

The similarities between Farmer’s story and The Matrix are close as both the lead characters woke up by chance to a reality that they didn’t think existed, and they took the system on to determine who ran the show. The world they lived in and reality were poles apart.
Imagine the life you are now living is not reality but you are the subject of an immense experiment.

With that thought in mind let’s take a look at the lives of ordinary people living in the system from the cradle to the grave with a behind the scenes perspective.

Duke – Section Controller
Genie – Case Holder

Genie! the Duke bellowed, Get into my office.
Damn, here we go again, Genie thought as he rolled his eyes. What the hell does he want now?

Give me an update on your Mendicant Case, the Duke said as Genie entered his office.
Looks like you have a new addition for your attention.

Yes my lord. They are expecting their son to be born this Wednesday. All the details are in the mail that I sent via hotzone last week.

Cheeky sod! I spent years getting into this position and won’t have that kind of insubordination. Who does he think he is? I used that mail ploy to entrap others long before he could think, Duke thought.
Don’t bother me with details. I am too busy to read emails, he said abruptly.
Just outline the case.

Right, Sir.
Pompous ass Genie thought as he collected his wits.

The parents, Jake and Mary, got married when she was pregnant with their first son John, which was in line with article #214 of the Mortal System Manual.
We tried to keep them out of wedlock but the old prejudices in SA at the time were too powerful. Not like today where living together and open marriages make our job so much easier.

Just stick to the facts and do not give me excuses, Duke growled.
I couldn’t give a damn if his uncle is the company president. Wait till appraisals are due and then we’ll see.

Two children, a house and two cars owned by the bank and money problems. The attempts at breakup and divorce through Katani, Modebel Inc did not work, so we used article #388; a late addition to the family and complex medical factors. This added tension to an already unstable situation with the eldest son showing interest in drugs.

And the latest developments?

The mother is sick and may deliver early.
What the devil are you doing here then? Duke shouted as anger distorted his voice.
Get to your post before I have you charged with dereliction of duty!
Genie bowed out of the office, his mind full of curses and black thoughts.

* In Roman mythology, the genius is present at the birth of a person, remains with him or her throughout life, and shapes the person’s character and destiny.

Points to Ponder.
We often have questions but many of our answers are automatic. Why?
Usually, we’ve never consciously taken the time to think them through.

Many answers stem from what we have been taught by our parents, peers, teachers and religion.
The crux of the matter is whether your answers are what you believe or what you’ve been taught.

Consider some of the questions below and what your answer or attitude is towards them.

    • Sex before marriage?
    • Termination of pregnancy?
    • Living together or marriage?
    • Cash or credit?

How much have your thoughts been influenced by your lifestyle/culture/belief/system?
Finally, did your answer solve the problem or make matters worse?

The difficulty in life is the choice.
George Moore

Updated: May 2022

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