System Citizens

If you agree with the previous posts, then you must admit we are all living under the influence of one system or another. If this is the case then let’s have a closer look at how an average person’s life is influenced and brainwashed to accept the system without any question.

An action that is often repeated becomes a habit.
We all know how difficult habits can be especially if you have to give up or break a habit. If I was running a system to control you, I would not want you to question it or think about it. I would prefer that you just accepted it and say you cannot change it. It is very difficult to break away from a set of norms that you have accepted and followed all your life.

The foremost way that I would control you is through your thoughts and ultimately through your words. Thoughts are the only things that you have absolute control over because no one can read your mind or tell you what to think. But if I can influence your thoughts through beliefs and culture, then I can control what you think to a large degree.

The secret is to catch you when you are young and teachable so that you to accept the standards without question. This is much easier when you are a child because you have not learnt to reason and trust what an elder says. Look at the way you were raised as a child. Many things your parents taught you were for your well being to help you reach a stage of independence.

As a baby, you are fed, washed, cleaned and protected. You are taught how to feed yourself, dress and communicate. They taught you the basics of speech and corrected your grammar. Your parents showed you to walk and encouraged your efforts. You learned how to share, play with others and what was acceptable in your society.
This is where the system starts its influence. It started shaping you long before you were born through the lives of your parents and their system training through their parents.

Next I would get you to believe in fate, destiny and most of all, luck.
Once I can delegate your questions regarding your life to any one of these invisible forces that exist within a belief system, then you will never stray.
Any person that has beaten the system in some way or another through riches or independence will be attributed to your bad luck and their good luck.

The other method is to get you to justify your failure by saying they achieved their success because of not what they know but who they know, blood is thicker than water, born with the silver spoon is his mouth, the gift of the gab or one of the numerous system sayings.
(I will cover some of those sayings in another blog. Did you know that most of our sayings are expressions of death? Scared to death, nearly died laughing, etc).

The end result is that you are controlled by a set of beliefs that are self-propagating and anyone that dares to question your foundations is ridiculed and rejected. Why? Because you have accepted a way of life that you believe is right, never questioned your beliefs and if you did you might have to admit someone else is pulling your invisible strings.

When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow.
Anais Nin

2 thoughts on “System Citizens”

  1. The luck part is interesting. We all blame someone or something for failures and luck is the biggy. I would love to find a pot of luck

  2. You discussed this with me many years ago. Listening to you back then and reading your thoughts now, you make my mind race, maybe some guilty thoughts, but still “Food for Thoughts”

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