Doubt and Fear. Your Favorite Enemies.

DoubtIf you saw an avowed enemy, what would you do? One who has lied to you, cheated and stolen from you? One who has defamed and belittled you. Who has humiliated you to the so much that you become weak and sick just thinking about it.

Would you invite this enemy into your house?
Would you feed and clothe him?
Would you pamper him and cater to his every need?
Would you take him into your most private place and reveal your intimate secrets?
Would you give him all your attention and hang upon his every word?

You must think I am insane to ask you any of the above questions. Any normal, rational person would never do one of those suggestions, never mind all of them.

But this is what you do when you entertain doubt and fear, two of the most divisive and destructive enemies known to the human race.

You know exactly what I mean.
You decide that you would like a new car. Your car is old, has some dings in it and is starting to give problems. You know it’s going to cost a lot to get it into pristine condition again but the media has caught your attention.

Advertising has cast its spell on your imagination and the possibility of owning a new car becomes central in your thoughts. You visit internet sites looking at makes, types and colours. A visit to the dealer convinces you it’s the right thing to do.

You go through all the calculations and your budget. You can do it but it is going to be tight for a while. You’ll have to cut back on some luxuries and trim a few corners but it can be done. You make the applications and the bank says you pass their loan criteria. You decide to purchase your dream and sign all the documents.

However, that night doubt and fear (alleged secret lovers) pay you a visit.
At first, it is just a quiet tapping on your front door which you ignore but, it doesn’t stop. You get up and check – just in case. It might be something important.

You look through the viewer but no one is there. You open the door just a fraction. Nothing. You go outside to check and  – you know the rest of the story.

Doubt starts out so small and insignificant that it’s laughable. Then you think about it (just a bit) and colour in some parts with your imagination. This makes it more realistic. Feed it with some fear.

Your mind goes haywire with:
What if ..?

    • What if I miss a payment?
    • What if the bank rates go up?
    • What if I get sick and can’t work?
    • What if I’m laid off?

In the end, you have died and your children are destitute because you were not able to pay off your car.

There’s nothing wrong with weighing up the odds or preparing for unforeseen circumstances, but to let doubts have free reign is suicide.

Doubts never accomplish anything other than failure.
Their objective is to get you off the path that you want to follow and into the marsh of indecision and apathy.
They break up clear direction and shatter resolve, decision and motivation.
They sap your energy and purpose and encourage weakness.

The enemy of doubt is knowledge.

    • Do all that you can to ensure you know what obstacles and challenges lie ahead of your decision.
    • Feed your knowledge with thoughts of success and purpose.
    • Visualise what you want and not what you have.
    • Fight your enemies by never allowing them into your mind and heart.
      Never encourage them. Slay them when they are still outside.
    • Control your thoughts as they’re yours to control.

He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure.
~ James Allen

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