Stop Learning

Wreck your life in one easy step.

I detested school.
I couldn’t understand the reasons why we had to learn everything.

Why did I have to learn history?
What was the point of learning a language not spoken in my country?
Why couldn’t I learn a local dialect?

I think my teachers were very frustrated in their profession as the lessons were very boring. I enjoyed certain classes as they were things I was interested in but I did not understand mathematics and science as they weren’t explained in terms that I could relate to.

In those days you had to go to school.
You went to a government school unless your parents were rich, and if you did not attend the truant officer was sure to catch you.
If you were a successful bunker (one who skipped classes) then you still had to get past the teacher and the questions when you returned.
You might be able to forge a doctor’s certificate or a note from your parents but if they called to verify then retribution was swift.

Fear was the main motivator.
If you did not complete your homework, projects or other tasks, some type of punishment was meted out. In those days corporal punishment, in the form of detention for the girls and caning for the guys, was accepted. The only problem was that you’d get a second dose when you went home – if your parents were very strict.

Education was bandied about as the answer to life and the source of wealth.
You cannot get anywhere in life unless you have an education.
Make something of your life.

The above should’ve stopped me from learning but when I left school I made a vow to never stop learning.

My best friend left three years before he should’ve finished school and led a wonderful life.
Money, freedom, transport. What more could you want?
I would love to have joined him but my parents would never have considered such an option.

If you want to get anywhere in life today you have to learn new skills.
Once you have the basics then surely that knowledge is the foundation of building experience?
There are opportunities to learn everywhere you look.

We live in the age of ˜Infobesity — more information than you can absorb.
The internet is the main source of information but you have to be computer or gadget literate. The latest devices are all based on advanced technology and the ability to use these gadgets is to your advantage.

On the other hand, I’ve seen people from Before Computers really battle to come to grips with new technology.
They eye it with disdain and refuse to let their minds absorb its possibilities.

I’ve seen other folk readily take to technology and the children of today understand its function far better than most adults.

One area we still have very little understanding of is the human brain.
It has the capacity to absorb and never forget vast amounts of information.

The best estimate is that you can learn a new fact every second and yet still only use a small portion of your memory even after a lifetime.

Just a few areas in your life where you can fail by refusing to learn:

Schooling  – don’t go to school or complete your education.
The system will ensure you stay at the bottom of the ladder of success.
Whatever you do make sure you never learn any of life’s lessons.

Relationships – don’t try to understand the opposite sex.
Try to change them to your way of thinking and make them accept your opinions. Breakups and divorces will surely follow.

Work relationships – don’t learn work politics or understand the hidden agendas. Resist all change and make as many enemies as possible.
Retrenchment or dismissal will soon follow.

Yourself – never take the time to look at the real you.
Never look at your belief systems or perceptions about life.
Take what you know inside as the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
You’ll always wonder why the world seems to be conspiring against you.

Wreck your life or be brave and learn something new every day.

It is never too late to learn!

Personally, I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.
Winston Churchill

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