We All Seek Three Things.

Riches, Honor and a Long Life.

We all seek three things in some form or another namely riches, honor and a long life.

These three things are the driving force behind many of our activities and what we want to achieve in life.
Only one is based upon material possessions. The other two are more abstract but very important.
Our lives are spent searching for these illusive qualities but we focus a lot of our energy on the first option.
Society encourages  this way of life.


Since society elevated money to the level of god, most of our energy is spent seeking ways to make money.
We need it to support ourselves, our families and for the necessities of life namely; food, shelter and clothing.
There are two options; get a job or do something to get paid.
Money makes the world go round but it makes your head spin in the process.
You are successful if you make or have a lot of money.
Funny how we have made success equal to how much money you earn or are worth.
Riches should be defined as the ability to meet any given need at any given time.


This is what we think people believe about us.
It’s linked to respect, reputation, and dignity. It’s a distinguishing trait in the character of good men.
We want people to think highly of us and our character.
We despise bad people and their way of life but we hold good men in high esteem.
The feelings and emotions that praise generate within us when we hear others proclaim our good character is worth more than money can buy.

Long Life.

Nobody wants to die.
It’s against human nature and all of our survival instincts take over when death looms.
Money cannot buy length of days. Death cannot be bought or bribed.
Unfortunately we spend much of our time seeking wealth and sacrifice our health on the altar of mammon.
My post about time and money looks at the cycle we get stuck in through the system design.

Considering the above, the problem we’re all faced with is how we achieve these things in our lifetime so that we can enjoy them.
If you had the knowledge of what to invest in, where to work, what the right decision is, then life would be a breeze.

The world is saturated with knowledge in this information age but not all of it is good or relevant.
This is where wisdom comes in as it sifts through what you know and allows you to apply it to your situation.

The good news is that Det Kronos knows Father Time and pulled a few strings for me.
I now have exclusive access to the wisest man who ever lived. He was not only wise but extremely rich as well with plenty of wives.
I reckon that he should be pretty wise in dealing with riches, having honor and the secrets to a long life. His only flaw might be all those wives but I’ll ask him.

I have dedicated these posts to him and some of his 3000 proverbs.
Hopefully I will gain some insight into life as well.

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