Time Thieves Hijack Technology – Millions Missing.

Pro Crastinus slammed his fist
on his desk as he read the headlines of the Daily Spiel.

Damn and blast that man! Will he never stop?

Miss Demeanour, his secretary, poked her head around the door and asked, Is everything all right, Mr Crastinus?

His fiery temper matched his red face as he looked at her suspiciously.

Get Mr Mammon on the line immediately! he said as he dismissed her with a wave of his hand.

Hello? That you Dinero? Have you read today’s headlines?

Morning Pro. Yes, I have. This Detective Kronos is worse than a bloodhound but he will never work out the link between us.

That’s easy for you to say as he is not investigating you. He has been hounding me for decades but my lawyers, Squander and Sons, have kept him at bay. Thank heavens he has not been able to link me to any crime scenes yet.

Just keep calm. It’s business as usual.
Sales are the highest they have been in years. iPods, iPads, mobile phones, entertainment systems, computers, and game consoles are flying out the door. Users are flocking in like sheep to the slaughter. It’s a perfect match and your plan has worked beyond our wildest dreams.
Don’t throw it all away for the sake of a second rate Detective. He is just fishing and that headline is bait. Don’t fall for his hook.

I wasn’t born yesterday, Pro growled. It’ll take a lot more than that to catch me. But he really ticks me off with his accusations.

Exactly! That’s just what he wants. My only advice is you control your temper or you’ll blow the whole deal.
I’ve never known you to be so upset. Remember your reputation. You’re not called the thief of time for nothing.

What about the money?

Our lawyers have funnelled it into several different accounts with Terminal Waste. It’s so well hidden that even I can’t find it and that’s saying something.
It’s cost the corporate world untold billions in time and money which they can do nothing about.

And the stolen time?

No trace because of your brilliant plan.
It’s all about control and power.

Detective Kronos smiled as he put his headphones down.
The wiretap on Procrastination Inc’s landline had just struck pay dirt.

How much time has procrastination stolen from you?

How much money has it cost you?

Who is to blame?

“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.”
Spanish Proverb

Updated: May 2022

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  1. Your welcome Angela. Nothing like a bit of fantasy to make reality a bit more acceptable. Be sure to read the sequel next week.

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