Have You Been Groomed?

Baboon GroomingToday, many countries have become NANNY States. The main reason for this is because mankind has abandoned their position of responsibility. Just watch the news channel from any country and you will see adults acting like spoilt children if they do not get their way. Rioting, looting and vandalizing, with a major attitude towards anything that might represent authority. When they are caught with  their hands in the cookie jar or having done something illegal then the blame is placed squarely on something or somebody else.

The government in turn treat their voters like children. They baby the populace by making decisions for them and being in charge. This becomes a vicious circle as children rebel if they have been left to their own devices for too long. More laws are passed, with far reaching hidden controls that remove the freedom that everyone cherishes.

Two major instances happened this year within completely diverse cultures and countries.

De facto martial law was declared in a city, when there was no invading force, to search for one young man.
Was there any major protest?
No. People said they were glad that the government was taking such a hard line.
So much for the laws the government expects their citizens to follow and never mind all their constitutional rights that were breached.

The life savings of an entire country were stolen by certain banks because they needed a bail out.
You want money? Then we take your money so we can get bail out money. Then they closed the banks to stop the legal depositors from removing their own money.
Tough for you if you worked all your life and paid taxes on taxes.
Did the citizens rise up against this travesty? A few mumbles here and there – otherwise nothing.

I’m sure that you can justify the above and say that what the government did was right.
If that is the case then I say that you have been groomed.

The word groomer has changed meaning in our vernacular. It used to mean someone who groomed animals or to make neat and tidy.
The prime meaning today is to prepare someone for a place or position within the dark world of predators. Their harvest fields range from children to adults, in the disciplines of pedophilia, slavery and prostitution to mention a few.

The objective of a groomer is to gain your trust, break down your natural defenses and then manipulate you until they get what they want. Predators are very good at what they do and the ones who get caught are quick to learn from their mistakes.

The trap you need to avoid is categorizing them into one particular role.

What image does your mind create when you think of the word pedophile? What about groomer?
Did you see a specific gender, culture or individual?

My point is they are not only in the category that you believe they exist in.

Do you:

  • Trust too soon?
  • Fall for flattery or false seduction?
  • Believe everything you hear?
  • Compromise your values, morals or boundaries?
  • Live in isolation?
  • Never question motives?
  • Never have your own opinion?

If you answer yes to the above then you are easy prey for a groomer.

Ask yourself:

  • Why should I trust them?
  • What do they want from me?
  • Are they manipulating my thoughts?

Think about the definition of a groomer and if you can identify them in your daily life.
You will find them everywhere. In the media, your work, the movies you watch and the books you read.

Your partner might even be one.

Don’t trust words trust actions.

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