How Shallow Are You?

Shallow rootsThe definition of shallow would be one without depth. Like a muddy puddle that you stepped in, not enough to make you wet but just enough to irritate you.

Shallow people are usually interested in money, fame and appearance. The movie Shallow Hal depicted Hal as one who only dated beautiful women and avoided the ugly at all costs. His whole life changes when a hypnotist adjusts his perception from external to inner beauty. Unfortunately his equally shallow friend tries to rescue him from his new way of life.

A shallow person could be defined as one who is guided by their senses and governed by their feelings. They are driven by the concept of “what’s in it for me?”
Looks, status and approval from others are of vital importance, which they receive from those whom they surround themselves with. They thrive on feedback that strokes their egos but they are very quick to judge. A shallow person will cast you aside the moment you become uninteresting or of no use to them.

If I asked you whether you were shallow, you would probably say no. You might even get offended because you know shallow people are not nice people.

So how would you know if you are shallow?

The quiz links on the net focus upon relationships, looks and popularity. These quizzes are geared toward teenagers but they give you a general idea of what it means to be shallow.

Some shallow traits:

  • You follow and wear the latest trends in fashion
  • You have the all the latest gadgets
  • Your mirror is always at hand. Store windows or any other reflective surface serve just as well
  • You constantly adjusting your clothes, hair or makeup
  • You know all the must be seen at venues
  • You talk a lot but have no personal opinion
  • You dominate the conversation with the words I and me
  • Your partner is beautiful/handsome and compliments you verbally
  • You change partners often and without remorse
  • You are surrounded by similar friends or those who worship you
  • You are high up in the popularity stakes
  • Money is a major concern to you but easy money is the answer
  • You rarely get involved with menial tasks
  • Work is a dirty word
  • You have no compassion for others except for ulterior motives (like boosting status)
  • Spirituality is a foreign concept

The problem with being shallow is that you are easily manipulated. You will believe popular opinion / the media, or what others you believe are worthy of your attention will tell you, because you have no opinion. To have opinion means that you have not taken something at face value. You have thought it through and queried whether it is true or false.

I would rather have the depth of thought coupled with wisdom to know whether I was being duped by the powers that be as well as the mass media. Otherwise I would be dancing to their tunes as they pulled my strings.

It’s a shallow life that doesn’t give a person a few scars.  ~ Garrison Keillor

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