Write Your Own Script

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

The famous lines from the bard William Shakespeare written in the 16 century still hold sway today. He was a prolific writer and poet who produced many scripts that some actors based their successful careers upon. He wrote comedy, drama and thrillers which still captivate audiences around the world today.

My question for you is;
Are you an actor on the stage of life with your own script or following the script someone else has written?

Has your life thus far been a play that you are proud of, one that you auditioned for or has it been a major disappointment?
What changed? The script or your role?

Do you believe in fate or destiny? If you do, then life is a set series of acts that has been predetermined by fate and you have no option but play it out until the end. You might be able to change the scenery a bit or even a few of the lines but in the end you will be drawn back to the path that destiny has chosen for you.

Some script writers in Hollywood took the above ideas and made a few movies. The most notable was the Final Destination series which looked at death and how the victims did their utmost to escape it. Death had a back up plan and the grim reaper was still able to harvest those who were destined to die.

Like in the movies, the actors need to audition for their parts. They either select the parts that they feel comfortable with or those their agents believe would enhance their career path.

Did you audition for the play that you are currently acting in or did you accept a lessor role? Is the genre you are in what you wanted; Drama? Thriller? Action? Comedy? Horror?

Could you quit your stage and find a play that you would like to act in? Better yet, could you write a script for your own life so that your last Act will give you a standing ovation?

Are you held fast by circumstances or has your thought life crippled your dreams?

Are you really an actor in someone else’s production or are you just a puppet controlled by strings that life is pulling?

The good news is that there always is a way out. Your life is made up of choices and decisions that you alone can make. You may have a set of circumstances that seem insurmountable but your mind has the answers.

If you’d like to escape, then take the following step.

Firstly look at your life and the stage that you are on and ask yourself; What do I really want?
Is this what I dreamed about when I was young or have I let toxic thoughts choke out my dreams?

Until you decide what you really want out of life, you will be going nowhere or you will be the unwilling helper for the person who knows what they want. You will follow their life’s script.

This first step is vital and it will make or break the pattern you have set for yourself. The problem we all have is the voice of conscience and our imbedded beliefs and limitations.

To counter this try the following when you ask the question what do I really want?

Set your thinking free by removing all limitations of finances, circumstances, practical considerations from your mind and ask yourself what is the first thing that you would do? What would be the next thing you’d do and how would this change your life and the way you are living.

The above exercise makes you realize the infinite possibilities of life and how much you have created your own prison of limitations. It will make you see a pattern of what you have always wanted to do but have put aside because it is not responsible. It also makes you see how little of life you have just settled for.

The exercise is in your mind and you can always change it at any stage as it is your dream.
Have fun with it and live the dreams out in your imagination.
How many inventions and movies started out as a thought which was later developed into reality?
Beats going to the movies anytime as it is your own script.

There are a few more steps to follow to writing your own script just as a movie script is fine tuned and tweaked from the original idea. The first step sets you free to dream again and puts you on the path to being your own real life script writer.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

From: As you Like It,
Act II
Scene VII

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