Subconscious Dieting

A huge amount of money is spent on the dieting industry each year by those who wish to be slim and trim. The estimates for America alone are $61 billion per annum. The diet industry is backed up by the fashion and pharmaceutical giants who promote their products for those who are thinner or would like to be thin.

Many of us religiously feed our bodies at least three times a day. Some folk do this more and the unfortunate majority eat far less.

If you spend most of your time eating and not expending energy then you will put on weight. The simple reason is that you are putting more energy into your system than you are burning up.

Another factor is the quality or type of food that we ingest. If you are on the junk diet trail with fast foods being the norm then you will gain weight and the interesting thing is that you usually become physically sick. However, very few folk in the West will attribute their illness to the food they are eating.

Food is not the problem but the way it’s prepared plus the number of free calories you’re eating. A bag of crisps or a can of soda may allay your hunger but the amount of useless calories is astounding. I recently read of a woman who died because she was malnourished even though she drank over 8 liters of soda a day. She was addicted, 30 years old and cause of death was a heart attack. Malnutrition in the midst of plenty – what a paradox.

If your physical body suffers because of your eating habits then the same applies to your subconscious. The only difference is that you go to a doctor to treat your body when it is sick and a psychiatrist/therapist when your mind is off balance. However, a lot of sickness in your body is caused by what you feed your subconscious.

Your subconscious feeds on your thoughts and if your thoughts are healthy and balanced then your life will be a reflection of that. If your thoughts are based on the grease of fear, the lumps of hatred and the spice of anger then you will suffer from indigestion. The common balm for mental indigestion is thoughts of vengeance which creates further ulcers.

You feed your subconscious all the time from the time you wake until you go to sleep. The only difference is that your subconscious never gets fat so you rarely think about putting it on diet or changing what you are feeding it. But I’m sure for the most part it is full of toxins unless you are conscious about your thought life.

If your subconscious mind takes up 90% of your mind with the conscious the remaining 10%, then it is your hidden auto pilot.

If your subconscious mind creates the template of your life and can only react to the input from your conscious mind then you hold your destiny in your hands.

And if your subconscious is sick because of your mental diet then you should detox and go on a mental diet. Unless of course you are happy with what the fates have in store for you.

Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body.  ~Cicero

2 thoughts on “Subconscious Dieting”

  1. Talk about an assemblage of allusion and vagueries which, while appearing profound in nature, well, maybe … certainly has ZERO content which can actually be applied, and/or any hint at how applicability may be achieved.
    Congratzzz on an utterly useless discourse on a potentially very interesting subject.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
    My posts are designed to make you think because if I said I had the answers would you really believe them?
    Secondly, if you tried the so called solutions and they didn’t work for you then what would you have gained?
    My objective is simply to make you think and judging by your comment I achieved this.
    However, most of the answers can be found within my posts if your mind is ready to receive them.

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