Fight Your Enemies

This is another easy way to wreck your life.

It would be great if half the people you met really liked you but it seems that many of them smile and have other agendas (usually involving knives and backstabbing).

You decide whether you are going to make enemies or friends. This is again highly reflective upon your belief system and experiences in life.
The saying goes that a stranger is just a friend in disguise.

If you set out to make enemies, all you have to do is find something to disagree with or dislike in a person.
Some folk cannot survive without having some form of strife in their life. I guess it’s because they feel they are alive when they are fighting.
An argument or physical confrontation makes your blood pressure rise and your adrenalin rush.
Some on the other hand sit and simmer which in turn allows their enemy to control them emotionally.

Society today has become fractured with free love, NSA friends, open marriages and generally a free for all morality. Our governments seem so corrupt with their sins being revealed daily.
The feeling of dog eat dog and hopelessness as economies fail and there is no way out. We are no longer in control. If you believe you are being plotted and conspired against then everyone is your enemy.

If you are continually surrounded by failure, negativism and defeat then your thoughts become dark as well.
Once you dwell on these images so your circumstances shape themselves according to your beliefs. It boils down to choices and perceptions.
The emotions of hurt, anger and defeat are very powerful as demonstrated by those who take their lives due to depression/helplessness/out of control which is the ultimate form of self-rejection.

It is easy to make enemies as it’s a thought that creates the image in your mind.
You’re faced with two choices if someone has done something to you that’s bad or wrong in your opinion. You can both forgive them for what they did and learn from it or you can make them into your enemy.
Often people do things without thinking or malicious intent but it’s a rare human trait to find someone who thinks the best of every person.

How many people do you know that are fighting family feuds or refuse to talk to an offending party?
If you really look into the matter it revolves around a minor misunderstanding or some perceived infringement of rights.

What are the benefits of having enemies?

What do you gain from fighting your enemies?

Now list all the benefits and gains from having enemies.
You’ll be surprised at how much your mind has disguised molehills as mountains.

If you spend your life making enemies and fighting them, it might be worth your while to arrange a room in a hospital for future use. You’ll either suffer physically or mentally from prolonged exposure to the bitter emotions and thoughts that come from having enemies.

I believe that it’s far more beneficial to make friends than to have enemies.

Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.
Oscar Wilde

Updated: May 2022

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