Does the Apple of Your Eye have Worms?

You pick up a beautiful apple and take a bite but to your horror you see a worm inside. You throw it away with disgust and your mind reels with juicy thoughts. If you are brave, you’ll pick up another apple but you’ll carefully inspect it before taking a bite.

I’m sure that this has happened to you but the worst case scenario is that you eat the apple and the worms before discovering the hidden passengers.

Life is the same. We see something that looks wonderful on the outside but when we take a bite then it’s true character is revealed.

It reminds me of Eve in the Garden of Eden. She was surrounded by beauty, all her needs were provided for, a husband who loved her and yet she wanted more. Temptation was put before her and she ate the fruit that was presented.
The apple was depicted as the fruit of the tree of knowledge and has borne the brunt of this accolade ever since.

The fruit had a prohibition on it.
They could eat of all the fruit in the Garden except for this tree. This was all the more reason to eat it. How often have you heard the saying that stolen fruit tastes the sweetest?
I believe it tastes so good because your senses have been heightened by the adrenaline rush. We are often betrayed into snares by an inordinate desire to have our senses gratified.

The fruit looked good to eat.
It was said of all the rest of the fruit-trees with which the Garden of Eden was planted that they were pleasant to the sight, and good for food. She saw the fruit with her eyes and this made her think with her senses. She could have turned her eyes away from this temptation.
Restaurants often make displays that look pleasing to the eye and advertising always takes advantage of this human trait. Sometimes the presentation makes our mouths water but often the taste leaves much to be desired.

She took the fruit and ate.
No one forced her to do this. It was an act of her own volition. Maybe she did not intend to take the fruit or eat it but once the temptation took hold of her thoughts, action was the result.

She had no idea of the consequences of her actions but soon found out. Unfortunately she included Adam and he also ate of the fruit. This is typical of human nature that likes to share the blame with others.

What lessons can you learn from this?

  1. Check out the fruit that you are being offered.
    Is it something that you want or does it go against your conscience?
  2. Who is offering you the fruit and what is their motivation?
    Even Snow White was caught out with this one!
  3. Is it something that you know you shouldn’t do?
    It may be good for someone else but remember it’s your life and you have to live with yourself.
  4. Does it appeal to your senses?
    Senses are fickle at the best of times when making important decisions. They may be gratified by your decision but they might cause you grief as well.
  5. Are you being forced to make a decision?
    Rather stop what you are doing and think about it without emotion. You’ll often find that the temptation will pass in the cold light of logic and reasoning.
  6. Think through the consequences and be the devil’s advocate here.
    It’s much easier to think through the possible consequences than live with them later.

There are many beautiful apples waiting for you to pick and enjoy but you’ll rarely see the worms on the outside. Those apples are good for cider; worms and all!

Many a dangerous temptation comes to us in fine gay colours, which are but skin-deep.
Matthew Henry

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