King Solomon’s Minefield

People scurried about as the slave masters bellowed commands and cracked their whips.

“Which would you rather be – King or slave?” Solomon asked.

” A King,” I replied without hesitation.

“Which one are you?”

King Solomon had a nasty habit of making me think.
His questions seemed so harmless but they had barbs of thought which impaled me further as I swallowed the mental bait.

It’s like walking through a minefield, thinking you’re safe but the next moment – boom -when something else blows your mind.

I knew I wasn’t a king by birth nor was I a slave – or was I?

“Do you realise that you are a king?

He had stated in our first meeting that I was equal to him, so I waited for him to explain.

“Mankind was created to rule and reign. They were never made to be slaves. Slavery is a result of man dominating man through wars and conquest to rule.
Unfortunately, the war of the sexes started when Adam didn’t fulfil his role as king and gave his kingdom to an outlaw.”

His explanation made me think of mankind and the endless wars that have raged throughout history.

How many wars were started over opinions or beliefs?
Millions of Africans were enslaved through the belief that they were the servant of servants.
How often has the war of the sexes resulted in oppression and slavery?

“Being a king is no easy task especially if you lack wisdom”, Solomon continued.

“Being a slave is a matter of letting another rule you through the choices you made. Some prefer being slaves as it takes their responsibility and accountability away. They blame everything except themselves for their failures and predicaments.

Men and women are equals, with strengths and weaknesses that bind them together as a couple or parents in a family unit.
The family unit is the building block of society and if that breaks down so does society.

Men and women are enslaved to beliefs that destroy their ability to work in harmony with one another. This cascades down into their children and so perpetuates the cycle of poor rulership and domination.”

Some points to chew on.

A slave means; to be owned by someone or to be dominated by some influence or person.

    • Are you enslaved by something?
      It could be a habit, a mindset, negativity and failure, stimulants – such as alcohol/chemicals, technology or circumstances. The list is endless but I’m sure you get the point.
    • Do you reign as a good king over your kingdom; yourself, your home and at work?
    • Do your colleagues or family take cover when old grumpy arrives?
    • Do you treat them like slaves?
    • Do you reign over your thoughts or do they rain on you?

If your answers make you uncomfortable then it’s time to make some changes.

I’d rather rule as a just king, whose subjects are loyal and true than be the victim of a coup d’etat.

The king is the man who can.
Thomas Carlyle

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